Museum of Bread

Once upon a time

A story that begins with bread

The museum of bread is a place where you can explore the origins of Altamura PDO bread. A place to relive the exploits of the ancient ovens. It is teeming with history and passion for such an ancient craft, the tradition of which we at Oropan try to preserve.

The Museum of Bread represents the first museum experience linked to bread; it tells the story and describes the bond that unites Altamura with bread itself. Vito Forte’s Museum of Bread was created by the will of the founder of Oropan S.p.A, Mr. Vito Forte, in order to legitimize the Antico Forno Forte, as a place of the “SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE” regarding the history of bread, the bond of Altamura with its bread, and the bond that has always united his figure, his company, to bread and to Altamura. Vito Forte’s Museum of Bread represents the first museum experience linked to bread in Puglia, and could only take shape in Altamura.

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It is located just a few steps from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, via Onorato Candiota, 2 in Altamura.

One of the oldest medieval ovens in Altamura in which, at the age of 11, a very young delivery boy, Vito Forte, began to cultivate his dream, going from house to house on his bicycle to collect the bread kneaded by the housewives, to take it to be baked in that oven.

That dream was to lead him to become the ambassador of Altamura bread around the world.

Winding along an itinerary in a multimedia and sensorial journey, within this space of EXHIBIT DESIGN, we will retrace the history of bread, the history of the art of Altamura bread-baking, establishing it within the context of its surrounding environments and landscapes, which are also an integral and fundamental part of understanding its story.

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