Our Values

Quality and innovation

The tradition of Altamura around the world

Our vision

We contribute to the spreading both nationally and internationally of the culinary culture and the tradition of bakery products that are typical of the territory of origin (Altamura, Puglia, Italy), offering absolutely unique products in line with the specific needs of the target markets.
We love the idea that the typical bakery products of our Puglia can be appreciated all over the world, adapting to the needs of the various markets.

Quality and innovation every day

Our mission

We are connoisseurs of a healthy and balanced diet. Our daily commitment is to offer traditional bakery goods from our homeland, Altamura. The uniqueness, distinctive characteristics and flavors of our products make us supporters of the cultural and food and wine heritage of Altamura and of the entire region of Puglia, which we represent all over the world. To do this, we combine passion with the desire to experiment and renew ourselves daily, keeping up with the times. All our choices go in the direction of eco-sustainability (we invest in the production of energy from renewable sources. We use 100% recyclable packaging; we implement a policy of reducing CO2 emissions into the environment and our production of waste). We are always careful to enhance human capital taking into account equal opportunities, the integration of immigrants and the quality of the working environment. We work towards a product that satisfies the needs and palate of our customers.

Innovation for us is sharing values to generate NEW value as perceived by the market. The innovation we have implemented has allowed Oropan, while guaranteeing the organoleptic and healthy qualities of the bread of the past, to develop a traditional product such as bread, into a product able to respond effectively and with maximum satisfaction to the new macro-trends of modern consumption: Responsible, Functional and Ethical.
For OROPAN, therefore, innovation is the driving force that allows us to meet and in some cases anticipate market demands;

a market that looks for those distinctive elements of wholesomeness, typical of correct and healthy nutrition, in BREAD. In fact, the products are designed to satisfy modern lifestyles and the emerging trends of an evolved, demanding and global market, oriented towards the search for the good, the healthy and the functional, also aimed at health care through a healthy and balanced diet, the foundation of Oropan’s mission.

Innovation applied to a traditional and simple product like bread has made it possible to eliminate the geographical distances that separate Oropan (located in the south of Italy) and the rest of the world. In fact, our bread, a highly perishable natural product, an authentic expression of the culture and traditions of our land, Puglia, is today distributed to tables all over the world as if it were fresh from the oven, thanks to new production techniques and new-generation technologies that we use along with natural methods (industry 4.0), studied and tested over years of research and experimentation. Our process of internationalization began by distributing our bread in countries similar to ours in terms of culture and eating habits. Today, we are committed to making our dream come true: succeeding in “contaminating” the eating habits of “distant” populations with the flavors of Made in Italy. Examples are the first approaches we have had also with the Asian market: a challenge that engages us every day, through studying the characteristics of all target markets, in order to feel like Ambassadors of Italy and of the Italian product.

The essential ingredients that lead to a better future for all

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