Environmental protection

Attention to the environment

Our daily commitment to the environment

The Governance takes into account environmental and social sustainability in every one of its choices and operations; in fact, each project, in order to be approved, must necessarily contain elements of eco-sustainability and ZERO impact.

The projects undertaken are focused on the theme of the circular economy (recycling, reuse, regeneration, energy recovery): projects ranging from the replacement of some packaging materials with biodegradable recyclable materials, to the recycling and reuse of unsold bread as raw material for other products (e.g. beer); from the use of alternative energy sources to the proper management and reduction of waste and the rationalization of resources that are scarce (water and gas).
We promote the policy of protecting and preserving the environment with customers, suppliers, employees.

Self-produced energy
Increase in recyclable materials
Reduction in water consumption
reduction in energy consumption

How do we achieve these goals?

Investments in production plants

Oropan is planning a path, over a five-year period, aimed at achieving the reduction of C02 released into the atmosphere. This result will be achieved through the installation of polygeneration plants.

Expansion of the percentage of electricity produced from renewable sources

Oropan is planning a path over a five-year period aimed at achieving the reduction of C02 released into the atmosphere. This result will be achieved through the installation of polygeneration plants.
A total of 45% of the energy needs are met by self-produced electricity from solar energy. Our goal for the next few years is to render the company self-sufficient in terms of its supply of electricity, as well as making an improvement in terms of environmental management.

Rationalization of the consumption of non-renewable energy and main utilities

With the aim of reducing the environmental impact, Oropan is committed daily to the rationalization of the consumption of non-renewable energy and main utilities.
Compared to 2019, great steps have been taken towards achieving this goal: the energy consumption per unit of product in kwh/kg was reduced by 12%, and we also recorded a reduction in water consumption by tons, in terms of the finished product, by 16%.

Optimization and efficiency of logistics

With this in mind, the goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the logistics processes, through the rationing of fossil fuels. We are completely renovating our fleet of vehicles, favoring those powered by methane. We comply with the ISO 14001 international standard, a model that integrates environmental protection, the prevention of pollution, reduction in waste and in energy and resource consumption in the company organization. Furthermore, Oropan is preparing and implementing the monitoring of an additional indicator: LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), aimed at objectively assessing the environmental loads connected to a product, a process or an activity through the identification and quantification of the energy, materials used and waste released into the environment.

Sustainable packaging

we are redesigning the packaging of all our products to obtain biodegradable packaging with low environmental impact and 100% recyclable packaging. Compared to 2019, we recorded a 20% increase in materials coming from recycling. We are working to be able to introduce paper as a packaging material, from a plastic-free perspective.

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