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The value of people

The right people in the right place

67% of our employees are under the age of 40 and this ensures a dynamic environment. The company is constantly looking for and selecting talented people, who represent our true intellectual and human capital, an essential ingredient for increasing the competitive level of the company. Appropriately motivated, continuously trained and placed in key roles and functions, our employees generate positive repercussions on the achievement of the company’s political-strategic objectives, objectives that see Oropan increasingly present on advanced and sophisticated global markets, where performance must be high and characterized by speed, certified quality and continuous innovation.
For this reason, we try to maintain a high level of engagement so that human capital can make a decisive contribution to the competitiveness of the company, is motivated to contribute to its success, proud and loyal to the organization and the primary supporter of the growth of the business.

To do this, we are inspired by economic theories that identify three key factors to enhance human capital: capability, loyalty and transparency.

Research and continuous training make it possible for the Company and its resources to grow continuously, thanks to the increase in technical, empathic, relational and soft skills, by means of a management policy that takes into account equal opportunities, integration of immigrants and the quality of the working environment.

We value people for the growth of the group
Oropan maintains a high level of engagement so that human capital can contribute significantly to corporate competitiveness, and can be motivated, proud and loyal to the organization and the primary supporter of the growth of the business.

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How do we reach
this goal?


Learning activities are continuously active for all staff, through the organization of periodic training courses that are given to all employees, and those specifically aimed at the company management in order to increase interdisciplinary and technical skills. In this sense, the “THINK TANK” program is active, in which from time to time the management confronts and discusses with famous speakers from the world of communication, finance, universities or large national and international companies.

In 2020, 192 hours were devoted to in-person training, of which 80 were addressed at middle management, 40 at management and 72 at workers. Due to Covid-19, in the same year we spent a total of 108 hours on training, via distance learning.


As a company we always put ourselves on the side of our employees and try to implement empathetic communication, based on the needs of the individuals.


We give our employees the opportunity to be in a position to best express their potential by investing in developmental programs.


We involve our collaborators whenever recognitions of corporate value are being celebrated. In the spirit of belonging and the desire to seek unity, cohesion of the “team” and to create a single professional family, at the behest of Vito Forte, founder of Oropan, various parties are organized with the families of the employees, including the annual Christmas and New Year’s luncheon. Vito is strongly convinced that the well-being of each individual employee can have positive repercussions on the performance of the company itself.


We promote the exchange of ideas through institutional and associative opportunities for discussion such as literary aperitifs, guided tours and musical and cultural meetings.


This allows us to trigger a process of sharing and discussion of the objectives, to define a plan of the activities, to monitor the actions and verify the performance, evaluating the results with a view to continuous business improvement.


At Oropan, each employee can monitor the effectiveness of his/her work in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Managers interact with collaborators to share information and company objectives. Continuous improvement is the willingness on the part of people and groups to review eventual errors or non-performance, define, implement and monitor a plan according to the plan, do, check, act model.


We are committed every day to instilling in our employees a feeling of belonging, cohesion in the workgroup, clarifying in detail the roles and tasks of individual people, and sharing with them our mission, visions and corporate objectives.


We are constantly looking for tools that can improve the quality of life of our employees so that individual well-being and tranquility in the private sphere have a positive impact on professional performance.


We ensure career paths for our employees, in order to involve them as much as possible in the company policies and give them the opportunity for career advancement within Oropan.


We include workers in organizational management and evaluation processes, in order to improve the company’s performance. Thus we have established a collaborative and participatory climate with our employees. With the aim of being able to inform and motivate all citizens, the company HOUSE ORGAN was established, a quarterly magazine, distributed to all employees, which talks about what the company has done over the previous months.

Team building

Corporate successes are the result of teamwork. This is why we are committed every day to consolidating the relationships among the various collaborators and between collaborators and management.

Welfare Hub

This is a program established in collaboration with Intesa San Paolo, thanks to the rating and creditworthiness recognized to Oropan, which makes it possible for all employees to have access, at particularly advantageous conditions, to banking products and to obtain numerous discounts on thousands of products and services offered, devoted to leisure and free time, to Health and Wellness.


The health of our employees and the protection of people for Oropan and its founder, Vito Forte, are an absolute priority. For this reason, a Covid-19 insurance policy was immediately activated in favor of all employees.


Starting from September 2020, first serological tests and then antigen swabs were administered to all staff on a weekly basis, with a view to identifying and preventing positive cases among employees. This activity is still in progress and will continue during the coming months.

Protection of workers in the supply chain

Oropan, starting from the end of 2021, will require all its partners to be certified according to the SA800 certification standards, which identifies an international certification standard drawn up by the CEPAA which is based on corporate social responsibility, including the respect for human rights, workers’ rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, as well as guarantees of safety and health in the workplace.

Attention to the customer

Our goal is to offer people quality, safety, taste, goodness, pleasant and sustainable culinary experiences. Our commitment is aimed at making consumers aware of nutritionally balanced food models inspired by the Italian lifestyle and the Mediterranean Diet. We work to ensure transparent communication with our customers in order to create a virtuous circle of dialogue in order to completely satisfy their needs. The communication is based on clear, exhaustive and easily understandable information, so as not to mislead the consumer, by helping them to make careful and informed choices. To this end, we have designed labels that offer the customer transparent information on the composition and nutritional values of our products.

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How do we reach this goal?

Description of the characteristics of the food

Nature, identity, properties, composition, quantity, and shelf life.

Nutritional information

In order to allow the consumer to make informed choices during his/her purchase of the product.

Methods of storage and use

Methods of storage and methods of use: to guarantee the consumer the possibility of consuming the product, always guaranteeing the highest quality and occasions for use

Instructions for disposal of the packaging material

With the aim of facilitating the consumer in the waste sorting process.

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