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The Oropan family

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Vito Forte

Founder and president of OROPAN

It is not enough to tell our grandchildren a story; it is necessary to inspire them so that they can live that story as their own story. In this way, we believe we can give them the best possible future.

Lucia Forte

Chief Executive Officer

Innovation is an extraordinary value that carries us forward with love for the ancient and attention to the future. We combine knowledge and science to satisfy the emerging trends of a well-developed and demanding global market.

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Francesco Forte

Member of the Board and Sales Manager

Time hasn’t changed our ambitions. With our products, we want to stop time, offering all the goodness of the products of the past, in every part of the world. We feel we are the guardians of a precious treasure: bread. With Passion and Love, we share it, every day, together with our consumers.

Daniele Forte

Member of the Board and Logistics and Maintenance Manager

Being part of the company forces us to confront two conflicting feelings: gratitude towards everything our father has done and the responsibility of transferring this priceless heritage of history, sacrifices, skills, and knowledge to our children, and to our employees, to future generations, in order to share with them the privilege of being a great company, but above all a great family.

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Tommaso Mongelli

Member of the Board and CFO

Working in a company, feeling like it is a family, allows us to always make the best choice because it is not something that comes from the mathematics of a formula, but from a decision that, even if with the necessary rationality, is taken from our heart; and there is no better consultant than the heart.

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