The bond with Altamura

Our product respects territoriality

Our Product respects Territoriality, symbolizing the value of the territory of origin, expressing its uniqueness. It guarantees the conservation, dissemination and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Altamura, Puglia, and Italy around the world.
To this end, in May 2017 the company restored the old Forte oven, giving the community the first museum of the bread of Altamura, an emblem of Made in Italy food throughout the world and a key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.
In this way, Oropan has established a consolidated bond with the town of Altamura.

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Starting from our territory, its land of origin, the bread of Altamura reaches all parts of the world acquiring notoriety

We help our town

The affinity that we feel with our territory and our community is concretely demonstrated through donations of daily surpluses of products that are destined for free distribution to the poor, via the supply to charitable associations and EMPORI DELLA CARITA (Charity shops) (such as those in Molfetta and Gravina di Puglia)

A school program that provides classes with training periods and a partnership with the University

Over the years Oropan has activated a whole series of school programs that provides secondary school classes with training periods in order to guarantee greater personalization and specialization of the learning paths of those who may be potential future collaborators, as the experience acquired directly, on the job, allows companies to simplify their search for professional figures based on needs.
From this perspective, Oropan encourages the meeting of schools/universities with the company, through a policy of recruiting the best talents and organizing shared periods of training, in line with the real needs of the company.

Placement programs have always been active with the local university scene to facilitate the meeting between the demand and supply of job positions similar to the company reality and, at the same time, aimed at strengthening the bond between the talents of the local area and the company in order to generate a strong sense of belonging.
Furthermore, the partnerships that the company activates in the field of research on product innovation are constant, through clinical-scientific industrial research projects, in collaboration with the University and Scientific World, by activating agreements with the various Universities of Bari, Foggia, Naples.

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Oropan favors meetings with schools and universities through a policy of recruitment of the best talents, in line with the business needs

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