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Health care

A healthy and balanced diet

We are lovers of the Healthy and Balanced Diet, respecting Traditions and the taste of double-milled durum wheat semolina bread and Altamura bread.
Tradition & Innovation guide us along this journey.

In line with our Mission, we strive every day to ensure that only healthy, but at the same time tasty, products are available on our consumers’ tables. We pay great attention to the issue of product quality and safety.

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We invest in industrial and scientific research projects, in collaboration with the university and the scientific world

In a constant exchange between needs deriving from the market and ideas deriving from research, our aim is to continuously improve our product. We are convinced that networking with the various stakeholders is essential in order to exchange information, know-how, performance and in order to increase the competitive capacity of all the players involved. The reading of the new trends regarding consumption, which are more and more attentive to health, the attention to a healthy and balanced diet, push us further and further

towards developing activities that are in synergy with the world of research in order to improve our product: bread, emblem and key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. It is very stimulating for us to work with the university and the academic world and with research institutions, as this collaboration makes it possible for our product to be continuously innovated, maintaining the original characteristics of traditional taste and flavor. In 2020, investments in Innovation totaled € 1,701,672, of which € 1,057,220 in materials and € 644,452 in Research & Development.

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We have created new product lines that are attentive to health issues:
Bread with 50% less salt and bread with flax and sunflower seeds

The double-milled semolina bread with 50% less sodium has made it possible to offer consumers a product capable of reducing the risks associated with excessive sodium consumption, but at the same time able to preserve the flavor of Altamura bread.

The benefits that derive from its consumption are numerous, especially for those who are advised not to consume excessive salt in their food. The study shows that FORTE semolina bread is able to make dietary counseling more effective, aimed at obtaining a reduced sodium intake, improving the health of hypertensive patients and preventing the harmful effects of a hypersodic diet. This study also showed that FORTE semolina bread improves patients’ adherence to the prescription of a low-sodium diet.

Bread with flax and sunflower seeds is another example of innovation applied to the product. With the development of this product, we were able to obtain bread with a high fiber content and, thanks to the presence of flax seeds, also naturally rich in Omega 3.
The consumption of 120 grams of bread with flax and sunflower seeds guarantees the acquisition of 2 grams of Omega 3, which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

“Taking care of your health without giving up the pleasure of good food”
was the motto that inspired us in creating these two products.

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In our products we use DURUM WHEAT SEMOLINA ground in Altamura

100% of the semolina, tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil used in our products is purchased locally. When purchasing raw materials, we prefer suppliers who have a more favorable LCA (life-cycle assessment), a method that allows us to quantify the potential impacts on the environment and human health, adopted by certified companies that are attentive to environmental issues.

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