pane di semola SEMPREPRONTO77

Our bread and focaccia are strictly produced  following  three ancient production  principles  from the rich baking tradition of  our town, Altamura:

  1. Use of REGROUND DURUM WHEAT FLOUR. This type of flour, typical of the Apulia Region, gives the products the following features:

    1. Typical taste

    2. Higher level of proteins compared to other kind of flour

    3. Higher level of carotenoids: powerful antioxidants that give the bread its typical golden yellow texture;

  2. Use of MOTHER YEAST and the slow, long and natural leavening. The Veropane mother yeast is exclusively owned by Oropan S.p.A. and it is still used today through daily refreshment from the same yeast since ‘50s to guarantee the traditional taste and smell of products. The use of mother yeast and the slow, long a natural leavening guarantee the following product features:

  • Higher digestibility. The lactic fermentation increases the level of simple molecules in the dough and consequently the digestibility of the bread.

  • Typical taste and smell. The lactic fermentation gives the product its typical and unique flavour.

  • Longer preservation. The acidity of the fermentation process avoids the development of microorganisms and slows down the bread’s staling process.

  1. Use of PURE and UNCONTAMINATED WATER. Water is life. It represents an important ingredient in bread making being rich in calcium salts and magnesium. Its chemical and physical properties ensure the fermenting action of microflora of the mother yeast. Oropan controls the chemical and physical parameters and the temperature of the water through its water softening system.