Balanced Diet

pane di semola SEMPREPRONTO77

Unique ingredients

healthy and natural ingredients such as reground durum wheat flour and mother yeast for a unique taste experience.

Unique leavening process

Slow and natural leavening up to 12 hours.

Unique production method

attention to every detail to produce the best bakery products.

Unique taste

Traditional, authentic and intense taste.

Unique packaging

Attractive and consumer-oriented.

Bread as a source of health

Bread has a key role in the Mediterranean Diet and it represents one of the simplest natural food. It is made of 4 basic ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt; 1/3 of its content is water. Differently from its substitutes such as crackers, breadsticks and croutons, bread is low in fat and energy. It is reach in complex carbohydrates with high satiating power.