The 5 Levels of Quality

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Our company is strongly oriented to excel in the execution of the following activities:

  • Discovering and analyzing of market trends (current and latent consumer needs and wants)

  • Redefining of strategic management decisions that shape company processes according to needs and wants of consumers

  • Managing the following5 LEVELS of QUALITY” in order to reduce any performance gap among them:

  1. Requested Quality: it refers to qualitative standards that are considered to fully meet current and latent consumer needs and wants.   

  2. Projected Quality: this level is about the definition of product/service features according to the target market and brand positioning

  3. Delivered Quality: it considers the effective quality that has been offered to consumers, which may differ from the projected one. At this level the Quality Management System is analyzed in relation to the projected quality standards.

  4. Perceived Quality: at this stage, consumer experiences are gathered and analyzed to understand the overall degree of satisfactions and related improvements

  5. Compared Quality: it is about the benchmarking  between the product performance and its competitive products  to verify the degree of differentiation and the competitive value proposition