Production Process

pane di semola SEMPREPRONTO77

Our production methods have always been inspired by the authentic traditions of the ancient towm of Altamura and are based on the use of reground durum wheat flour, mother yeast and the slow, long and natural leavening. We pay the utmost attention to quality and food safety of our products in order to offer only the best to our consumers.

Each product in our portfolio follows a strict R&D procedure before being introduced to the market as briefly described below:

  • Prior defining of products requirements and expected qualitative characteristics under a multidisciplinary perspective according to current national and international laws of reference followed by a meticulous analysis of consumer expectations;

  • Planning and reviewing of manufacturing processes along with the definition of qualitative characteristics of raw materials and packaging materials; choice of technologies and equipment to be used; study of raw material flows; setting of process key parameters; defining control plans and monitoring procedures; recording of all data related to the product in order to ensure tracking and traceability;

  • Risk assessment of product food safety and defining of parameters, procedures and organizational solutions to fix or remove any kind of risk; development of the self-assessment plan

  • Process review and related validations;

  • Defining/reviewing of specifications for the purchase of raw materials and packaging materials, development of regulatory documents and system registration documents to ensure the best process management;

  • Staff training.